Voxel Shape Generator

Written 11:36 am 7/4/2012 Modifed 08:49 am 12/15/2019

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Use this tool to make spheres for Minecraft and the like. Idea originally stolen from Neil Fraser, but more recently inspired by friendly competition with my friend Jesse, whose Circle Generator seems a little two dimensional.

Update (12/15/2019) I have obviously not touched this in a while, but I think my beta version from like 5 years ago has everything and more of what the old one had, and can address performance and UI complaints, so I'm just going to make that the main version. You can always use the old version by clicking the link above.

Update (2/8/2015) Attempting to make this a little more bad-ass. See here

Update (3/14/2013) GUI makeover- I'm attempting to speed everything up by only rendering tables when you're ready for them. I also added isometric modeling (with culling this time) in canvas that should let you preview the shape.

Update (3/12/2013) You can now draw your own shape with Bezier curves! Adding SVG rendering methods for speed, although it's not as easy to read as tables. I'll try to make that work a bit better.

Update (9/30/2012) The script has been updated to generate cones and domes. If you have any suggestions, add them to the comments.

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