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10:30 am 10/1/2013

With the creation of the Bureau of Facts and Statistics, I am also announcing my new microframework off of which it is based: Roto. Roto is a simple PHP framework that lets you build web applications quickly, by using scoped views and components (Widgets). It is used as a composer package, and all class files are under the namespace "Roto". It's still in development, but will be updated over ...

Url2Ascii (Color)

04:15 pm 4/4/2013

Kim Jong Un approves. I made a utility a while ago to convert images to ascii, for covert reddit browsing ability. I recently added color to it. The script gives you a number of customizations- you can change the x / y ratio for your glyphs, which characters get printed out, and at what brightness, and you can calibrate the colors to match your terminal. This is specifically for 8 color ...

Open File Dialog from the Shell (Mac)

12:15 pm 11/21/2012

I'm not going to say that I'm an evil genius, or that I'm even a genius, but it was remarkably difficult to find any resources on prompting an open file dialog from the mac shell. We can use Applescript to give us some GUI elements within a bash script. For linux users, see the "dialog" command. I wanted to make my minecraft modloader easier for users who don't really understand the shell. I ...

Minecraft Mod Installer Script (Mac)

12:22 pm 11/21/2012

Frustrated with installing mods in minecraft (mac), I wrote a shell script that does all the step by step installation for you. In the terminal, just use the following script I've only ever used this to install the X Ray Mod, so I can't claim that it will work with every mod. This is just a handy shortcut for installing mods the standard way. (I know, I'm a cheater. But I needed some diamonds.) ...